Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Adding tons of new scents over the next few weeks- check them out!

I have been so busy since I've moved into my new abode conceptualizing and creating new perfume oils... I am planning to release around 20 new scents by this time next month. Here are a few you will have to look forward to. Let me know your thoughts!

Creamy Hazelnut Coffee
A steaming hot cup of coffee swirled with frothy hazelnut cream. Comfort in a bottle!

Raspberries and Dark Chocolate
What more can we say about this one? Tart raspberries drizzed with dark chocolate. One dessert temptation you woun't have to feel guilty about!

This perfume oil embodies youth and sweetness. A soft blend of peony, lily of the valley, and musk combine to make this beautiful scent.

Lemon Sweet TeaSweet
Southern iced tea with a big wedge of lemon, plain and simple. Refreshing!

Named of the Greek goddess of the Earth, more commonly known as mother earth. Grass, trees, dirt, and fresh air mingle to create an invigorating perfume worthy of a goddess.

Coming Up Daisies
White daisies as far as the eye can see in a lush green meadow. One of my personal favorites!

Named for the Greek goddess of daylight and sunshine. Frolic through a mountainside meadow with lush sweetgrass, verbena, and sunny yellow dandelion. Wonderfully stimulating!

A tribute to the Greek goddess of love and beauty who is said to be born of the sea. Her perfume smells of ocean mist, sea salt, andwater lilies.

Siren Song
Named for the Sirens of Greek folklore. These seductresses lured wayward sailors to their death by their flawless beauty and song.This scent is a veritable love potion reminiscent of the power of the Sirens- wanton, womanly, and full of seduction. Jasmine and Lily of the Valley tantalize as they sweep over a veil of creamy cocounut.

Green, green, and more green. This perfume oil inspired by the emerald isle was created by blending together the fresh scents of aloeand four leaf clovers (what else?!).

Named for the Greek goddess of wisdom. This blend of peppermint, lemon, and vanilla will get you going and even will aid inconcentration throughout the day. An absolute must have for any collection.

Named for the Greek goddess of the hunt and the moon. This perfume oil evokes images of a moonlit forest on a clear night. Green apples add a tart twist and herbaceous basil rounds out this scintillating blend.

Named for the Greek god of wine, parties, and general debauchery. The scent of intoxicating red wine mingling with carnal desire is sure to bring out your inner hedon.

In Greek mythology, the Naids were water nymphs that presided over fresh springs, streams, and brooks. This oil captures the naiadspirit in the combination of blood orange, water lilies, and a cool bubbling brook.

Named for the Greek goddess of marriage and childbirth. Hera was the wife of Zeus and though the institutions she represented are kindly, her jealousy and wrath were formidable. This oil captures that essence by combining soft rose and white florals with robust clove and sandalwood.

Named for the Greek goddess of the sea, this perfume oil conjures up the feeling of a deserted beach on a windy day with the the stinging ocean spray whipping through the salty air.

Named for the Greek god of war and bloodshed. This blend is a raging swirl of blood red rose, smoky patchouli, and deep musk. Who knew being so bad could smell so good?

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