Saturday, August 29, 2009

Spotlight on Etsy items that cost $16... just because it's my lucky number!

I LOVE the number 16. It's just so pretty, so divisible, so loopy. I was born on March 16, which has a lot to do with it. One time when I played Mega Millions and picked 16 as the Mega Ball, I won $8. So technically I won the lottery :-p Anyways, this is my special blog spotlight on my love affair with handmade items and the loveliest number in the world- 16!

This item caught my eyes first off. The colors in it are absolutely amazing! I love peacock accessories!

You astrological-minded readers know that since I was born on March 16 that I am a Pisces- well what Pisces could resist this scarf? It's beautiful and reminds me of calm waters. Plus it's a steal at $16- it was hand painted! Plus I am a bit biased because I just released a perfume oil called Lagoon....

Now if there is one thing that I love besides making soap and perfumes, it is makeup! I am an avid collector- especially of MAC MSFs! I also love Urban Decay and the up and coming Illamasqua brands. This bag is pretty big and looks very sturdy- judging by the size I could fit my whole MAC lipstick collection in there- and let me assure you, I have more than 16!

Couldn't you just see Marilyn Monroe wearing these? These earrings are beautiful and right up my alley. I love the color pink and I love to be noticed- these would definitely give their wearer a ton of attention. I love that they are mounted on gold as well- it just adds to that old Hollywood glam feel.

How posh is this? I adore the pattern and love it even more since it really is eco-friendly. Not like those stinky plasticky eye masks you can get out of the bargain bin at Wally World- this is the real deal! This would be perfect for a jetsetter or a partier- I'm not judging! :)

Okay so what if I am 25 years old and I was home on a Friday night watching Twilight? I can't get enough! This set sounds amazing and just makes me even more anxious for New Moon to come out so we can see the whole Bella's birthday scene!

I hearted this seller and this item long ago so I think it's only fate that made it come up in my lucky 16 search! I am so intrigued by this cream. I actually know quite a lot about skin care and I can say that judging by the ingredients, this cream will pack a great moisturizing punch. My skin drinks up ylang ylang so I am sure this would be love at first application for me!

These cards are absolutely haunting, so yes, they are right up my alley! I think it's so cool that the seller took these photographs and was able to make them look so stunning as cards- a definite visual treat!

Panties!!!!! I mean come on, everyone needs underwear (in my opinion) so why not wear super cute ones! I love the little doggy pink ones. These would also make a great gift for your girlfriends!

If you have an Etsy shop, it's gotta look good to be successful. I love Camille's work, especially this piece which is ironically on sale for- you guessed it- $16!

I love this. I have been on a bird kick lately and the girl in the painting even looks like me, well except I have a lower half. I think that everyone could find something in this artist's shop that appeals to him. I know I have found many!

So that wraps up my tribute to my favorite number, 16! I had a busy day today, but I was able to list my Blue Raspberry Soap on Etsy.

Don't forget to check out my pal Sherryl's blog for her shop Skylar's Candy Clips, she will be featuring my shop on her blog tomorrow and I am doing a HUGE giveaway for it!

Until next time,

Lily Poppet

The website is finally live- 10% off SALE!

After many days of hard work I have finally been able to launch the Lily Poppet website:! I am using this site to sell my perfume oils, but my soaps will still be available on my etsy site of course.

To celebrate the grand opening of please use the code GRANDOPENING to receive 10% off your entire purchase!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My brain's all right.

So good news... my brain didn't show abnormalities on the MRI today. I guess the bad news is that I still don't know what is causing chronic pain and migraines on only the right side of my head :-s However, in honor of my healthy brain tonight I want to show some cool Brain-themed items from Etsy... I guess it could fit into Halloween too!

I love the deconstructed look of this pendant... and who doesn't love the concept of phrenology? Did you know that back in the day before we knew that the shape of your head didn't determine your personality there were phrenology parties for the upper class. Put that in your pocket :)

I'm sure at first glance these would look like little hearts, but if you take a closer look and are able to appreciate the detail you will see that these are little brains! A really unique idea for cufflinks!

This is a really cool idea- lunch bags with illustrations. My three teenage brothers... and probably my four year old nephew would love these!

Still on the zombie train, these plates are like nothing I have seen before. Added bonus: there are matching cups!

Gotta give my fellow soapers some love! This not only looks super realistic, the smell of cotton candy makes it even more irresistible. Plus, goat's milk makes such a dreamy, creamy lather :)

The craftsmanship on this sculpture is awesome... I love that she included the brain stem as well. Be sure to read the story behind this stunning work too!

This shop has some really interesting hats, including this one. In the winter it looks like it will keep your brain anything but exposed to the elements!

This seller had it right when she called the brain "everyone's favorite internal organ." How cute is this necklace!?!

This shirt is great, but I have to admit that looking at it gives me test anxiety. Remember filling in all those blanks in Anatomy class?

This bracelet doesn't look like brains, it's even cuter. Plus a whopping 100 percent of the proceeds go to help children with brain tumors... I can't think of a better cause!

That's all for the celebration of healthy brains right now! I was able to list a new perfume oil tonight though, it is called Southern blooms and was crafted from the all the best southern blooms- light honeysuckle, heady jasmine, creamy gardenia, sweet magnolia, and delicate rose. You can find it at my shop here.

Until next time,


Lily Poppet

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland Treasury

Since I never have the good fortune of creating a treasury on Etsy, I am going to attempt to do a blog treasury dedicated to one of my favorite tales of all time: Alice's Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Caroll. My copy is older than dirt... literally- it's dated in the 1920s! I can't wait for Tim Burton's take on it in 2010! Until then here are some of my favorite Etsy finds on the subject.

This is a beautifully crafted domino necklace... I can't believe it's only $3.50. You can tell a lot went into making this one!

One of my favorite scenes from the book! Also, I love the extra detail with the skeleton key (so cool) and the came. Utterly feminine!

Halloween is coming up and seriously who wouldn't want to be Alice!

Now this is cool. As the seller notes, cigarette cases are not just for cigarettes. In fact a friend uses them for a wallet and I have used them to store blotting sheets before. This one is gorgeous- and affordable too!

I love me a good little t-shirt, but it seems like all the ones I like everyone else has as well... that's what you get when you shop retail. However, I doubt anyone could match your style wearing this one... and a plus- it's on sale!

A crown! How cool is this. You can tell that a lot of time and effort went into making this- it's beautiful. I am sure it would be awesome with a Halloween costume.. or just to let people know who is boss :-p

I love this. I am a sucker for charm bracelets and this one is beautiful. I love the little touches of red, but I think my favorite part is the little Drink Me bottle!

This has already made it's way to my Christmas list. This seller's bags are incredible and absolutely unique. One of my favorite Etsy finds for sure!

It was about time I show the caterpillar some love... and I love this ring! Such a unique character in an awesome book. Can you believe it is only $3.75!

My absolute favorite Alice art on Etsy. This is probably one of my favorite artists... she is super talented and this piece shows it!

That's a wrap for now but please feel free to comment and post your favorite Alice items! And if you are so inclined, drop by my shop here!

Lily Poppet

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Finally released my perfume oils!

This has been a verrry busy week for me! First of all, finished up my last Summer II course at grad school, and also I was able to launch my line of perfume oils on etsy! I may be a bit biased but they are absolutely yummy. Right now I have some foody scents and fresh scents. In fact, they are going to be featured on Skylars Candy Clips' Blog on August 30. In a thread on the boards I was lucky enough to get seven pages of scents that people would love to try! It's clear that citrus will be the next in line. I also heard some really interesting suggestions like Fig Sandalwood and Pipe Tobacco. I can't wait to experiment and make more... it really is my passion. If I had to pick one thing that would set my scents apart from others I have seen, it is that you will probably never see me release a one note scent. What I really enjoy in making interesting blends of multiple notes, the art of blending the oils really lies in being able to construct a unique multi-level scent from scratch... well in my humble opinion anyways. The 5ml bottles of oil are $10 and the 1ml sample vials are $1.50.

Right now I am wearing the Red Berries scent... it is lovely. I put it on at 9 this morning and can still smell it on my wrists at 7pm- that's staying power! It really does smell just like fresh strawberries and raspberries. In fact, when I went to pick up my glasses this morning the lady behind the counter asked what I was wearing; she was so surprised when I told her I made it! I actually had a sample of it in my purse so I gave one to her :)

Another thing I am excited about with the perfume oils is that I have started my Savannah collection of oils. Savannah, GA is my favorite place in the world and I am in the process of trying to move there.... just waiting for a job to come through! The first scent in the Savannah Collection is River Street. I have been dreaming up making it since my last visit about a month ago. Pralines take center stage of course, but I also threw in icing and caramel apple. It smells so good... very rich and yummy! I am planning on doing another scent in the Savannah Collection for Halloween. I'm going to make it a spooky one... perhaps centering on a graveyard. That's all I have to say for now ;)

Here is a link to my shop where you can see all of the oils:

And here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Double Mocha Whip Bars... Mmmmm

My first blog post- hope it's just the first of many!

For those of you who don't know me, my name is Angela and I am the owner of a little etsy shop called Lilly Poppet. You can find it here: I wanted to create a place to write about what I do, and also to support all of the other wonderful crafters out there.

Onto the mocha bars! Recently I was sitting in a coffee shop on a Sunday afternoon, studying for my final exams for grad school (almost done- yay!). I am one of those people who can eat soup and drink hot tea and coffee in the the dead of the Georgia summer heat, so I was sipping on one of the most delicious and decadent treats the shop offered. I began thinking that perhaps I could recreate this sensation of yumminess in a soap. After a lot of testing, I finally came up with the richest creamiest bar I have made to date! I used goat's milk for this one of course, then added in layers of chocolate and espresso. I topped it with a layer of creamy whipped vanilla. Before putting it up in the shop, I decided to take it to class and see what some of my classmates thought about it. Thankfully, they thought it was just as wonderful as I did. In fact, my friend Heather kept turning around and grabbing the bag saying she needed a sniff. Others caught on and soon everyone was sniffing it all the while making reference to certain addictive drugs... that's how yummy it smells. Even my professor came around to see what the commotion was and she fell in love with the bar too. It feels kinda cool to have the professor's stamp of approval- she has her Ph.D.- albeit in psychology.

And you know what the ironic thing is? You can get this soap for less than what the drink would cost you at said coffee shop. How cool is that? Want one? Get it here:
Thanks for supporting the handmade community and have a great Friday!