Wednesday, August 26, 2009

My brain's all right.

So good news... my brain didn't show abnormalities on the MRI today. I guess the bad news is that I still don't know what is causing chronic pain and migraines on only the right side of my head :-s However, in honor of my healthy brain tonight I want to show some cool Brain-themed items from Etsy... I guess it could fit into Halloween too!

I love the deconstructed look of this pendant... and who doesn't love the concept of phrenology? Did you know that back in the day before we knew that the shape of your head didn't determine your personality there were phrenology parties for the upper class. Put that in your pocket :)

I'm sure at first glance these would look like little hearts, but if you take a closer look and are able to appreciate the detail you will see that these are little brains! A really unique idea for cufflinks!

This is a really cool idea- lunch bags with illustrations. My three teenage brothers... and probably my four year old nephew would love these!

Still on the zombie train, these plates are like nothing I have seen before. Added bonus: there are matching cups!

Gotta give my fellow soapers some love! This not only looks super realistic, the smell of cotton candy makes it even more irresistible. Plus, goat's milk makes such a dreamy, creamy lather :)

The craftsmanship on this sculpture is awesome... I love that she included the brain stem as well. Be sure to read the story behind this stunning work too!

This shop has some really interesting hats, including this one. In the winter it looks like it will keep your brain anything but exposed to the elements!

This seller had it right when she called the brain "everyone's favorite internal organ." How cute is this necklace!?!

This shirt is great, but I have to admit that looking at it gives me test anxiety. Remember filling in all those blanks in Anatomy class?

This bracelet doesn't look like brains, it's even cuter. Plus a whopping 100 percent of the proceeds go to help children with brain tumors... I can't think of a better cause!

That's all for the celebration of healthy brains right now! I was able to list a new perfume oil tonight though, it is called Southern blooms and was crafted from the all the best southern blooms- light honeysuckle, heady jasmine, creamy gardenia, sweet magnolia, and delicate rose. You can find it at my shop here.

Until next time,


Lily Poppet


  1. I am glad you have a healthy brain!

  2. awww, thanks so much for including my brains :)
    I'm also thrilled your brain is okay!! haha

  3. I have to ask. Why never any pictures?