Saturday, August 22, 2009

Finally released my perfume oils!

This has been a verrry busy week for me! First of all, finished up my last Summer II course at grad school, and also I was able to launch my line of perfume oils on etsy! I may be a bit biased but they are absolutely yummy. Right now I have some foody scents and fresh scents. In fact, they are going to be featured on Skylars Candy Clips' Blog on August 30. In a thread on the boards I was lucky enough to get seven pages of scents that people would love to try! It's clear that citrus will be the next in line. I also heard some really interesting suggestions like Fig Sandalwood and Pipe Tobacco. I can't wait to experiment and make more... it really is my passion. If I had to pick one thing that would set my scents apart from others I have seen, it is that you will probably never see me release a one note scent. What I really enjoy in making interesting blends of multiple notes, the art of blending the oils really lies in being able to construct a unique multi-level scent from scratch... well in my humble opinion anyways. The 5ml bottles of oil are $10 and the 1ml sample vials are $1.50.

Right now I am wearing the Red Berries scent... it is lovely. I put it on at 9 this morning and can still smell it on my wrists at 7pm- that's staying power! It really does smell just like fresh strawberries and raspberries. In fact, when I went to pick up my glasses this morning the lady behind the counter asked what I was wearing; she was so surprised when I told her I made it! I actually had a sample of it in my purse so I gave one to her :)

Another thing I am excited about with the perfume oils is that I have started my Savannah collection of oils. Savannah, GA is my favorite place in the world and I am in the process of trying to move there.... just waiting for a job to come through! The first scent in the Savannah Collection is River Street. I have been dreaming up making it since my last visit about a month ago. Pralines take center stage of course, but I also threw in icing and caramel apple. It smells so good... very rich and yummy! I am planning on doing another scent in the Savannah Collection for Halloween. I'm going to make it a spooky one... perhaps centering on a graveyard. That's all I have to say for now ;)

Here is a link to my shop where you can see all of the oils:

And here are some pictures for your viewing pleasure!


  1. How exciting! Maybe I should buy some of your Savannah scents to remind me of home! As long as the smell doesn't resemble anything like River Street...on St.Patrick's Day! = )
    I used to work at River Street Sweets in highschool so I know that scent of pralines all too well! You should work on some salt water taffy scents. YUM!

  2. You read my mind Katie... I was thinking of doing salt water taffy next. River street sweets is seriously one of my favorite places ever. I could gain 10 lbs from walking up and down the street and grabbing praline samples each time!